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Location: Salzburg, Austria [click here for map]

Circuit length: 4.23Km (2.63 Miles)

Number of turns: 15

Opened: 1969

Major events: TCR International Series,

ADAC Salzburgring Classic


Opened in 1969, this circuit has quite a simple layout with two long straights, a tight turn and a more open turn on the return to the start/finish straight. If you’re a fan of high speeds this track has a fearsome reputation.


The circuit has hosted rounds of European Touring Car Championship, ADAC Procar Series and the Old Timer Grand Prix.





Salzburg Airport: 30Km (18 miles) 24min drive.


Linz Blue Danube Airport: 116Km (72 miles) 1Hr 5min drive.





Austria’s premier circuit, Red Bull Ring (Spielberg) is 245Km (152 miles) to the south east. If you have time and are heading that way, Italy’s most northern circuit, Monza, is 595Km (370 miles) to the south west.


Red Bull Ring (Spielberg): 245Km (152 m) 2Hrs 15min drive.


Monza: 595Km (370 miles) 5Hrs 40min drive.



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