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Location: Le Castellet, France [click here for map]

Circuit length: 5.61Km (3.49 Miles) including Mistral Chicane

Number of turns: 25

Opened: 1970

Major events: WTCC, Blancpain GT Series, International GT Open, 24 hours of Paul Ricard


Created by Paul Ricard in 1970, the circuit held 14 F1 French Grand Prix, the last being in 1990.


The circuit was redeveloped in 1999 as the world’s first dedicated testing and communications facility. It was renamed Paul Ricard High Tech Test Track (Paul Ricard HTTT). Through 2001-2009 new corners were added and existing corners remodelled to make the track more exciting and improve safety.


In 2009 the track reopened to the public and for motorsport events with FIA homologation being achieved in 2006. The circuit is now a fully modern facility and hosts some of the best race series outside F1 including WTCC and Blancpain GT Series.


With its very recognisable blue markings, combination of fast straights and technical bends, this is a circuit well worth driving.





Marseilles Provence Airport: 65Km (40 miles)/55min drive.


Toulon-Hyeres Airport: 57Km (35 miles)/55mins drive.


Nice Côte d’Azur Airport: 159Km (99 miles)/1Hr 43min drive.


Le Castellet Airport: right next to the circuit

(private aircraft only!).





If you're driving from the UK, Le Mans is on your way, so why not pay a visit to probably the world’s best known racing circuit? You could also take a detour via Germany and the Nurburgring.


Le Mans 931Km (578 miles) 8Hrs drive.


Nurburgring 995Km (618 miles) 8Hrs 40min drive.



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