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Location: Bad Driberg, Germany [click here for map]

Circuit length: 4.20Km (2.61 Miles)

Number of turns: 19

Opened: 2013


Built on the former 1st British Corp ammunition depot Pombsen with input from the legendary Walter Rohl during its design, the Bilster Berg circuit follows the natural topography of the land, with steep gradients (up to 26%), good straights and technical corners.


This 10-12 metre wide track has plenty to offer any track day enthusiast. Good facilities ensure that a visit here will be an enjoyable one.





Paderborn Lippstadt Airport: 51Km (58 miles) 41min drive.


Kassel Calden Airport: 67Km (42 miles) 51min drive.


Dortmund Airport: 156Km (97 miles) 1Hr 27min drive.





No other circuits are particularly close but, if you’re making a holiday, then the circuits below could also be worth a visit:


Nurburgring: 312Km (194 miles) 3Hr drive.


Spa-Francorchamps: 336Km (209 miles) 3Hrs 8min drive


Hockenheimring: 362Km (225 miles) 3Hrs 21min drive.



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